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Dogs And Babies

Bringing a new baby into the home can cause much stress and fear in both the parents and the dog. A new baby in the house usually means a drastic change in routine, and the one affected most by this change is usually your dog. He used to be the star of the show, receiving time and attention, and all of a sudden, most of that is gone. The walks you used to take your dog on are now a rarity. Additionally, the dog senses the parent's nervousness, fear, and suspicion towards him, causing him to mirror these feelings. And what caused all of this change and upheaval in the dog's life? The baby.

The dog is smart enough to recognize that not only is the baby the source of the anxiety in the parents but that the baby is also the one receiving all the attention and taking the dogs place in the pack. So what is a scorned dog to do? Some dogs start exhibiting destructive, anxiety related behaviors, such as peeing and defecating in the house, chewing objects, barking excessively, etc. Other dogs show more troubling symptoms, such as aggression and/or dominance towards the baby and other family members and animals. In some, thankfully rare cases, dogs do attack and bite either the baby or another family member.

The Dogs and Babies program teaches you how to recognize, prevent and/or correct problem behaviors, before they become a nuisance or danger. Some of the things you will learn are:

  • Identify and recognize what your dog values most about his life before the arrival of the baby.

  • The proper way to maintain your dog's routine and how to introduce new routines that will help when the baby arrives.

  • How to introduce your dog to the baby safely.

  • How to teach your dog to respect both the baby and create a safe area in the nursery.

  • How to establish and maintain your leader's status in your pack.

  • How to establish and maintain your dog's follower status in your pack.

Program Details

Ideally, the Dogs and Babies program should be started at a minimum of 4-8 weeks prior to the arrival of the baby, in order to give the dog and the owners time to establish the proper discipline and routine, but it can be very effective if started as late as one week prior to the arrival. The more time you give yourself and your dog for this adjustment, the more successful the transition will be. This program is appropriate for dogs over the age of six months. Younger puppies will not be affected the same way by the arrival of a baby and should be addressed in the Puppy Kindergarten program.

The Dogs and Babies program is a series of 3 private lessons. The first lesson takes two hours, with subsequent lessons taking one hour each. Fewer or greater number of lessons can be scheduled, depending on owner's needs and progress.

The first lesson includes a thorough evaluation of the dog and family, to ensure that the training methods and pace enable the owners to achieve their goals. During the second lesson you will build on the discipline and training routine established in the first lesson, and add a specific routine, tailored for your family, that you can use to introduce your dog to the baby. The third lesson can be used to either supervise the introduction of the dog to the baby (for cases with very stubborn or dominant dogs), or as a follow up, a few weeks after the baby's arrival, to ensure that no bad or dangerous behaviors are starting to surface.


The first lesson is $180 (2 hours).
Each subsequent 1-hour lesson is $140.
Please add $35 to each lesson if one-way travel in excess of 35 miles from Trumbull, CT is required.

How to Enroll

This is a private lesson plan, and can be scheduled to fit into your schedule. Please call or email us to set up your lessons.



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