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At Behave Dog Training, we have a number of programs available to fit your, and your dog's, needs. We can also work with you to customize any lesson plan. If you do not see a program here that you like, or if you have any questions, please call or email me and we can discuss your specific needs.

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Selecting The Right Dog

Playing a game of fetch with a stick at the beach.Before you get your dog - This service is designed specifically for families who are thinking about getting a dog. Many times, we choose dogs based on their looks or the popularity of a dog actor on a TV show. Then, the puppy grows up and the cute factor is gone. The nice fluffy puppy is replaced with a bundle of pure energy with teeth, but the family may be laid back, easy going, and less active. Or the dog may be insecure-dominant or dominant-assertive, while the owners are laid back and non-confrontational. Both of the above situations, as well as others, could be recipes for trouble and/or chaos in the home. I will help you define your needs and then help you find the right dog to fit them.

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Puppy Kindergarten

Nobody can resist a group of cute puppies... nobody.For puppies 2 to 6 months old - This program is different from the group puppy socialization classes you normally hear about. It is rather all about starting up your relationship with your new puppy on the right foot. This is a private lesson program where you will learn puppy care and housebreaking information, setting up rules and boundaries for the puppy's behavior, how to ensure that you and your family are the puppy's leaders, and get started on his training.

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Basic Obedience


For dogs over 6 months old - Dogs who have a solid obedience education are a joy to live with. They have good manners, respond well to household routines, and can be trusted to be left alone and unsupervised for long periods of time.  This is a private lesson program where you will learn how to teach your dog the basic pet obedience commands, and along the way create a deep trust between you.

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Problem Solving

I'm sorry, was that your couch?

For dogs and puppies of all ages - By necessity, this is a private lesson program, designed specifically to deal with dogs that exhibit behavior problems which the owners have not been able to address. Some of the problems that can be dealt with are: destructiveness, barking, biting, aggression towards dogs and/or people, food aggression, jumping on people and/or furniture, housebreaking, etc.

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Dogs and Babies

Hey kid, did I ever tell you the story of when I was chasing this big cat...

For dogs and puppies of all ages - Introducing a new baby into the home can cause your dog or dogs to misbehave, be destructive, and in some cases even pose a risk to your baby.  This is a private lesson program, in your home, where you will learn how to prevent these kinds of problems, how to ensure that your dog is respectful of the new member of the family and reduce his anxiety and misbehavior. this program is also very effective if your new baby has already arrived and you wish to stop your dog's undesirable behavior. 

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Dog Walking (The "Pack Walk")

Just making sure that we all just get along.

For dogs over 6 months old - All dogs, from the smallest Chihuahua to the largest Mastiff, require regular walks with their leaders.  Simply allowing your dog to run around with other dogs at an off-leash dog park can actually increase his level of anxiety and dominance-drive and does not give him the peace of mind provided by a calm, structured "Pack Walk" with a strong leader.  Why a "Pack Walk?"  A "Pack Walk" is a combination of a walk and a training session. It fulfills the dog's innate need to go on a hunt with his pack, develops strong discipline, and creates a desire in his mind to follow a leader.  This desire remains long after the walk is over, thus making it easier for owners to assume and maintain a leadership role in the home, and continue working on the discipline and training of their four-legged friend.

Although it is best for the dog to go on a "Pack Walk" with his owner, it is sometimes not possible due to the owner's busy schedule or limited physical ability. This program is offered to owners who cannot walk their dog(s) in a disciplined, structured manner on a regular basis, but would like them to benefit from the fulfillment of their innate needs.

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Customized Lessons

Now if I could just remember which side is starboard...For dogs and puppies of all ages - There are times when your needs are not addressed by standard training lessons. Maybe you want your dog to learn to perform certain tasks or "tricks" or become a good "boat dog". Are you afraid of dogs but would like to overcome your fears and finally be able to participate in family functions at a home that has dogs? Or even own one yourself?

When standard lessons do not provide the answer, I can design a program to address your specific needs.

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